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      The kazoo is a simple musical instrument from the group of membranophones. It works much like the old technique of comb-blowing: it sings or hums to a membrane, has been distorted by their vibrations the sound, so a slightly saxophonartiger sound is produced.

      Kazoos are commonly found in a characteristic form: a 10 - 12 cm long, slightly rectangular tube that tapers towards the end pointed, but still open. The tube sits a round, semi-open bracket, under a parchment cone rests loosely. But there are also Kazoos in various forms, often inspired by other instruments. The membrane holder is then attached above or the side.

      Kazoos are made of different materials. The most common and cheapest is plastic, which highlights the typical squeaky sound yet. Kazoos metal sound brighter and are more stable, but are more expensive. Kazoos of wood are relatively noble and have a warm, mellow sound.

      A kazoo is not a wind instrument in the traditional sense. It is not blown, but hineingesungen. With his own voice the little parchment membrane is made to vibrate. The result is a quäkiger, nasal, distorted sound. The pitch is up to the hineingesungenen tone.

      Kazoos are precursors of it for several centuries in Africa. While there was in the 20s of last century real Kazoo Orchestra and the instrument was used as a melody, it does at present is usually only a part as a musical instrument or effect "gag". (Source: Wiki)

      7 products

      Gewa KZ1221
      • 24 piece metal kazoo in a box
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      Gewa Ersatzmembran
      Product Rating (2)
      <span><h3>Availability</h3><span><span class="green stock-text">1 unit <b>in stock</b></span></span><span><br/><br/><span><b>Bern BE:</b> 1</span></span></span> 1 unit in stock
      Gewa Metall
      Product Rating (3)
      • Kazoo
      <span><h3>Availability</h3><span><span class="green stock-text">71 units <b>in stock</b></span></span><span><br/><br/><span><b>Bern BE:</b> 71</span></span></span> 71 units in stock
      Gewa Metal Kazoo
      <span><h3>Availability</h3><span><span class="orange">In stock in null<br/><br/><span style='color:#4D4D4D; font-weight:600;'>Please contact us to pre-order this item.<br/>
If you pre-order now, the item will be available for pickup around 03.04.2020.</span></span></span><span><br/><br/><span><b>Bern BE:</b> 30</span></span></span> In stock in null
      Monky5 40010 (var colors)
      Product Rating (1)
      • Kunststoff-Kazoo in versch. Farben. Preis pro Stück.
      • Bitte bei der Bestellung die Wunschfarbe angeben (ohne Garantie).
      Monky5 40010 (var colors) | In stock in External location | Pre-order and pickup in Bern on 03.04.2020 In stock in External location
      Gewa 54734
      • Wooden Kazoo
      Gewa 54734 | In stock in External location | Pre-order and pickup in Bern on 03.04.2020 In stock in External location
      Gewa Metal Kazoo
      Gewa Metal Kazoo | Will be ordered for you as quick as possible Will be ordered for you as quick as possible
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