December 05, 2019

Bass strings – which type to choose?

There are two main categories for electric bass strings:
« Roundwound » and « Flatwound ».

Once you decide to change the strings for your favorite electric bass, you can get lost in the number of string options that are available in the market... Here is a comprehensive explanation of how to choose the best string type for your bass!

There are two main categories for electric bass strings:
« Roundwound » and « Flatwound ».

Roundwound strings are divided into several alternatives:
  • Nickel strings, for a neutral and balanced sound
  • Stainless steel strings, for a modern sound, with high frequencies and slightly hollow mediums
  • Strings with nylon coating (known as Tapewound) for a double-bass like sound

we can find these types under the following names:

D'Addario EPS165 ProSteels XL / Regular Light Top/Medium Bottom (045-105)
XL ProSteels
- stainless steel strings, crisp highs and scooped mids, perfect for slap and metal.

D'Addario NYXL Bass 4095 (super light)
- the latest model by D’Addario are made from steel with high carbon content. These are known for their durability, improved tuning stability, and more defined mids.

D'Addario EXL170 Regular Light Gauge, Long Scale (045-100)
XL Nickel
- neutral and balanced sound, one of the most popular D’Addario models, used for all types of music.

D'Addario XTB45105 Lt. Top/Med. Bottom, Long Scale, 45-105
XT Bass
- nickel strings with advanced corrosion resistance treatment to increase its life and keep the "new string" sound longer than traditional strings.

D'Addario ENR70 Super Soft, Long Scale
XL Half Rounds
- something in between the roundwound and flatwound strings, the Half Rounds from D’Addario give you the sound of roundwound strings but with the comfortable playability of flatwound strings.

D'Addario ECB81 Regular Light Gauge, Warm/Mellow, Long Scale (045-100)
XL Chromes
- flatwound strings, with a warm and soft sound, distinctive lows and exceptional playability, due to their tactile response.

D'Addario ETB92 Nylon Tapewound, Long Scale
- nylon coated strings, known for their accented and lively sound, their sound is pretty close to the double bass, but, they can be used for different music styles, even for funk (just listen to Larry Graham’s first albums of Graham Central Station).

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