Ortega RGL5E

  • Ortega RGL5E
  • Ortega RGL5E
  • Ortega RGL5E
  • Ortega RGL5E
Spruce top, satin finish, laser engraved motif

Tehnički podaci

Color: Natural
Wood, top: Spruce
Finish, top: Satin
Wood, back: Mahogany
Finish, back: Satin
Wood, neck: Solid Mahogany
Finish, neck: Satin
Wood, fretboard: Walnut
Binding, fretboard: Walnut
Wood, bridge: Walnut
Tuner: Chrome plated
Electronic Ortega MagusUke ukulele preamp system with built-in tuner
Fret: 18
Binding, body: Tortoise ABS
Scalelenght: 435
Nut width: 47 mm


Tune the Guitarlele in F#

F# / B / E / A / C# / F#

or alternatively tune in key A (a fourth up comparing to regular guitar tuning)

A / D / G/ C/ E/ A

and use special nylon strings made for short scales.

Ortega recommends ORTEGA GLNY-6
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